Tarfaya City

Located in south-western Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Tarfaya has a very rich history. This small town, a bit isolated and a bit distant, has hosted famous people: MacKenzie, Saint-Exupéry, Latécoère. Tarfaya has also lived under Spanish rule and was known as the Cap Juby. Tarfaya now aspires to a renaissance for a more modern and easier life for its inhabitants thanks to the efforts by the Moroccan State.


Tarfaya is now a capital of province has a population of more numerous thanks to local development efforts deployed by the State at basic infrastructure, socio-cultural institutions …

Casamar: House of the sea that still resists


Time maritime explorations and when Europe experienced economic development, English adventurer McKenzie came to the coast of Tarfaya. Wanting to establish trade with the local tribes who roam the Sahara, he built, in 1882, a trading post called: Casamar or Maison de la Mer He chose to build into the sea to ensure that no he will claim the land on which is built the building and also to ensure a minimum of security. Casamar continues to interfere in the middle of the water and continue to tell the story of its builder.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in Tarfaya


One sees clearly only with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes.

While airmail was in its infancy, Saint-Exupéry came to Tarfaya and was hired as agency head relay for aircraft carrying mail late 1927. A. de Saint-Exupéry lived in Tarfaya until 1929. It was here that he wrote his first novel, “Courrier Sud” in which he tells his own life and emotions driver. The vastness of the ocean and the desert may also have inspired the driver writer in his later novels such as “The Little Prince”.
Tarfaya now houses a small museum dedicated to Saint-Exupéry and memory airmail.



The airmail is Latécoère: lines of mail transport by air. This transportation company linked to Toulouse via Dakar including relay Casablanca, Essaouira and Tarfaya. Tarfaya always remembers.



Tarfaya has experienced a period under Spanish occupation. The Spanish period has left a legacy: Fort Tarfaya, Cinema, hospital … This is largely due to the Spanish Tarfaya is a city that organized the arteries.

Go to Tarfaya


Starting from Agadir, take National Highway 1 at a distance of just over 500 km through Tiznit, Guelmim, Tan Tan.

Buses serve Tarfaya from Marrakech to the company and Supratours from Rabat and Casablanca for the company CTM. You can also take the bus from any stop.

By air

Tarfaya does not have time for the airport. However, it can be reached by plane landing at the airport of Laayoune 100km south or that of Tan Tan 200 km to the north.

Coming by sea route


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